Welcome, reader, to my showcase of published works. Here you'll find my works of fiction that have appeared in magazines and anthologies. Links to my novels are coming soon.

Mother, Son, and Holy Ghost

Coming Soon in Common Tongue

The Gods in the Wire

Published in Teleport Magazine

Louis’s hearing returned in waves. As his ears sharpened, the chamber’s alarms intensified until his skull thrummed. His eyes snapped open and saw nothing. He searched desperately for the light above his head, which shouldn’t have gone off, not unless something had gone wrong, and slowly the bleary orb came into view, as if unraveled from a woolen cocoon. Testing his touch, he found the chilly surface of his engineering kit between his legs.

Mr. Rutherford

Winner — Best Fiction — Dark Sire Magazine

Lonely Space

Published in Ab Terra Flash Fiction 

He cashed the check and paid a premium for a living ship. It seemed appropriate to name it Darling Red, after Jane. He wasn’t thrilled about its hair and veins or the urine-like fluids that dripped from the walls after feedings. It could only transport one comfortably, two if they shared a single bed, which Zee couldn’t imagine doing, not yet, maybe never. But it did what he needed—it healed itself.

Of the Beholder

Free Bundle Fantasy & Science Fiction

Arms of Venus

Published in 365Tomorrows

He boarded the ship, trailed by gray robes that hid his emaciated frame. An escort of guards met him in the docking bay, and per the Astronautical Law, he requested that they replenish his ship’s fuel, water, and oxygen. Then he relished the sweet, circulated air.

Locked in Translation

Published in Hundred Word Horror: Home

White Room
Pain Brings Us Together Again

Published in Theme of Absence Magazine

Two months after Jasmine’s funeral, we packed our things and moved to Whitaker Lane. We all needed a change, and the house was the only new beginning we could afford. Call it an escape from recent memory, our decrepit, dark and vacant getaway. Our eye of the storm.

Pink Blush
Pink Goo

Published in Planet Magazine


“Holy crap,” VIN said, looking at the squirrel, the bird, and the nuts. “Are you guys okay?” They weren’t okay. They were quite dead, nuts included.

VIN sat up and saw his coworker LIZ a few feet behind him, scrubbing the sidewalks clean. “Did you see what just happened?”

Without looking up from her sidewalk scrubber, LIZ shook her head.

“Animals hit me,” VIN said. When he saw LIZ was more focused on cleaning the sidewalks than she was about mysterious falling animals, he added, “Animals fell from the sky and hit me in the head.” Then he pointed at the animals to prove they did indeed fall from the sky.

Tree Leaves
Head Tree

Published in Bartley Snopes Magazine


"The tree's fruit, which grew from beneath the leave thickets, were human heads. All  were identical; thinning white hair, a sharp, well-groomed white beard and a mustache that curled at the tips. They all wore circular glasses and all of them were very upset.

"I think I heard something," one said. "You didn't hear anything," said another.

"Well, I didn't hear anything, but I do see something," said a third.

"Heck to what you think you see," said a fourth, and from a fifth, "My word, I see it too. Hello there, young man."