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Here you'll find my works of fiction that have appeared in magazines and anthologies.


Network Error (Evernight Teen, 2024)

Short Fiction

Lilies Wilt on the Wheel of Time in Tall Tale TV (2022)

Vanishing Alongside the Hungry Ghosts in Spirit Machine (2022)

Dark Brew in Flame Tree Publishing (2022)

To Cross a Vampire in Jon Meyers Dark Humour Prize for Gothic Literature Contest (2021)

Moonlight Over the Garden Doves in Chlorophobia: An Eco-Horror Anthology (2021)

Mother, Son, and Holy Ghost in Common Tongue (2021)

The Gods in the Wire in Teleport Magazine (2021)

Mr. Rutherford in Dark Sire Magazine (2020)

Lonely Space in Ab Terra Flash Fiction (2020)

Of the Beholder in Free Bundle Fantasy & Science Fiction (2020)

Arms of Venus in 365 Tomorrows (2020)

Locked in Translation in Hundred Word Horror: Home (2020)

Pain Brings Us Together Again in Theme of Absence (2020)

Pink Goo in Planet Magazine (2013)

Head Tree in Bartleby Snopes Magazine (2008)

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